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Types of Electronic Door Locks

For thousands of years locks and keys have protected many doors and the people and things behind the door but today’s technology is quickly changing how doors are not locked. Electronic locks are now replacing the traditional key locks. Although there are many different types of electronic door locks there are three main types that you can find on the market today.


Keypad locks London Ontario Electronic Locks

Some may feel that these are not electronic locks but technically speaking they do qualify although they are little different from your traditional locks. Above the door handle or knob there is a keypad generally numbered from nine to zero. When you enter the right code into the keypad it will cause the door to unlock. It is convenient in some situations to not need an actual physical key. With this type of electronic locks you do not need to dig for you key and if you have a guest visiting you can give them the code so they can come and go without you having to give them a key. The code you use can also be changed if it is necessary to do so. The convenience they afford is minimal because you are still physically required to touch the lock to put in the code.


Key fob locks

These are similar to the remote car locks where you activate the electron door lock using the fob instead of entering the code manually on the keypad. The door can be locked or unlocked just by pressing a button on the key fob. These are much more convenient because you can lock the door as you leave or unlock it when you get home as long as you are within several feet of the door. They will not work over the internet like a remote access lock does.


Remote access locks

These types of electronic door locks are the most convenient of all three types and they are also the only ones that will improve the security of your home. Unlocking and locking the door is similar to using a key fob but they can also be used if you are not home. They are able to be managed anywhere you can get an internet connection. It is an electronic lock that integrates with you home security system. This electronic door look offers you the most security and convenience.

With a remote access lock you can do a variety of things that can include:

  • Lock the door if you forgot to do that before you left the home
  • Check to make sure that the children locked the door after they left
  • Unlock the door if you have a service person coming to the home when you are not there like a plumber


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