Richmond Hill Doors Study

Richmond Hill Doors Study

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A Study in Doors

Some Doors Are Hard To Open

Doors have been around for a very long time. Since mankind began, we’ve been sectioning off different areas of our lives from other areas. To get from one room to the other, we need doors. By nature, we all know a little something about doors. Richmond Hill Door Repair has made a profession out of ensuring that your Garage doors, commercial entry doors or residential gates function as desired, preventing or allowing access to the things you hold dear.

To protect these areas of our lives, humans often make these doors difficult to open. We give them keys, or buttons, or openers. Here are some famous doors with some interesting methods of opening.


The Cave of The Forty Thieves Richmond Hill Doors Study

In this story, Ali baba, a local merchant discourse the magic words to open the cave where a band of thieves is hiding a large treasure. The trick is, the magic words to leave the cave are different than the ones to enter it. Ali Baba’s brother forgets the exit words and ends up paying dearly.


Platform 9 3/4s

This door leads to a wonderful world of magic and splendor, and also danger and peril for one little boy and his friends. The trick here is to trust that the door will do what it should, and also to be a little magical yourself.


The Doors

Opening these doors took a chance meeting, and loads of talent. This small group of young men quickly became one of the most popular bands of all time. However, the reckless abandon that made them great eventually became their undoing.


The Door To Narnia

This door is both one of the most difficult, and easy, doors to find. It’s difficulty lisa in it’s mobility. You never know where it’s going to be. But its ease comes in its entry. You just sort of… stumble in. There is no magic key. You just have to be the right person.


Number 10 Downing Street

This door can only be opened from the inside. It is constantly guarded by a police officer, and likely many other methods of security. It is a plain looking door, protecting the home of one of the most important person in the world, the Prime Minister of England. Getting in this door requires an invitation.


The Pearly Gates

Quite possibly the most famous of all entries. This door gets you into the greatest party of all time, eternity. But to get in, you have to be on Saint Peter’s list. Or so the story goes.

At Richmond Hill Door Repair, we want to make sure you can get in your garage door. We also want to make it a little easier than most of these famous doors. We may not be able to provide you with the great story that comes with a difficult door, but we can make sure you get in and out every day with ease. At Richmond Hill Door Repair, we offer the best garage door installation and repair services in the Richmond Hill area. Give us a call to find out how we can help you. Our pricing is so unbelievable, our service so spectacular, you may have a hard time convincing yourself it isn’t actually magic.