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Master Key Systems Toronto Doors & Locks

Master Key Systems Toronto Doors & Locks

Xpress Door Repair Toronto have been designing, building and maintaining master key systems for almost 15 years. We have supplied suites nationally for schools, hospitals, government buildings and student accommodation.

Master locks are becoming more and more popular, not only for commercial applications. We have a range of cylinders and padlocks which can be suited in some way…. either keyed alike, where one key fits all locks, or master keyed, where each lock has an individual key and a master key opens all of them.

From one door, where two locks operate on a single key, right up to a multi site complex master key system with hundreds of locks. All lock assembly work is carried out in our own workshop, and records are stored securely.

Keys can be cut to code, an example of this is when a student loses a bedroom door key, we are able to produce a key on the landlords request and the student can either collect, or we will post same day. This saves having to have the locks changed.

This example explains the different levels in a large master suite

Grand Master Key – This key will open every lock in a suite, often over multiple sites nationally.
Master Key – This will open for example every lock in one building or city.
Sub Master Key – This gives a designated individual access to a specific section within a building, for example a specific floor.
Change Key or Servant Key – This key will open one lock, for example a tenant or single office user.

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